The Drapac cycling team was conceived in 2005 by team founder Michael Drapac as a development program, founded to champion the concept of holistic development for young athletes in the sport.

The team would offer a unique environment that recognised young cyclists need to develop outside the – often narrow – parameters of the sport they practised at a key stage in their lives.

The riders selected for what became the Drapac Porsche Development Program (when it took out its first UCI license in 2006) committed to studying alongside racing. Names such as Mitchell Docker, Zak Dempster and Darren Lapthorne (who would all go on to have successful cycling careers) completed their university studies while working towards their future cycling careers.

During this period the team’s key focus was on Australian races and the emerging race scene in Asia. These stage races gained the riders key international racing experience while allowing them to remain at home in Australia to study.

Over the following years Drapac-Porsche became one of the most successful teams in Australia & Asia, winning numerous UCI races both home and internationally, taking two memorable National Road titles in 2007 and 2009 as well as stage wins in every major stage race in Asia.

While this team, made up of predominantly young part-time riders, enjoyed a great deal of success both on and off the bike, Michael Drapac remained committed to promoting the concept of holistic athlete development to a much wider audience.

As such, after eight successful years as a UCI Continental outfit in 2014 the team took the step to a fully-fledged professional team, taking out a Professional Continental license. Drapac Professional Cycling became the only Australian team operating at Pro-continental level, and one of only two fully professional Australian cycling teams in history.

With a fully professional line-up of full-time bike riders competing in the highest tier of the sport, the team expanded its race calendar once again to include North America as well as its traditional calendar in Asia and Australia.

While the team was now highly focused on success on the road, the message of the importance of holistic development for young riders remained at the forefront of the team’s message.

In 2014 the team took 11 UCI wins, before breaking through with a first World Tour win on the final stage of the 2015 Tour Down Under. As these victories helped the team became recognised by a wider public, Michael Drapac was afforded the opportunity to promote the team’s message to a greater international audience.

In 2016 the team shifted its focus further afield taking on a largely European based professional program. The 2016 season proved to be the most successful for the team to date, taking 12 UCI wins in races such as Tour de San Luis, Herald Sun Tour, the Tour of Austria & the Tour of Portugal.

In 2016 it was announced that Drapac Professional Cycling would cease to exist in its current Pro-continental guise, and the team would instead form part of both the World Tour Cannondale – Drapac team in 2017, continuing the team’s journey to the next and highest possible step in professional cycling, as well as the Drapac Pat’s Veg holistic development team, which will focus once again on young rider development in Australia.

At the close of the 2016 season, along with numerous wins at domestic level in Australia, Drapac Professional Cycling had taken over 60 UCI victories across four continents in the ten years since first taking out a UCI license in 2006.

Major UCI Wins

  • Australian National Road Race 2007, 2009
  • Australian National TT U23
  • Herald Sun Tour Stage Win x 3
  • Tour Down Under Stage Win
  • Tour of Wellington G.C.
  • Tour of Wellington Stage Win x 2
  • New Zealand Cycle Classic Stage Win x 4

  • Tour of Utah Stage Win
  • Tour of San Luis Stage Win

  • Tour of Austria Stage Win x 2
  • Boucles de la Mayenne Stage Win
  • Tour du Gironde Stage Win
  • Fleche du Sud Stage Win

  • Tour de Langkawi Stage Win
  • Tour of Taiwan G.C. 2012, 2013
  • Tour of Taiwan Stage Win x 14
  • Tour of Hainan Stage Win x 2
  • Tour of China II Stage Win
  • Tour of Korea Stage Win x 9
  • Tour of Japan Stage Win x 3
  • Tour of Chongming Island G.C. 2006
  • Tour of Chongming Island Stage Win
  • Tour of Hokkaido Stage Win
  • Tour of Kumano Stage Win x 3
  • Tour of Okinawa Stage Win x 3
  • Tour du Brunei Stage Win
  • Tour of Iran Stage Win x 2
  • Tour of Azerbaijan Stage Win