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It is vital that developing cyclists also reach their potential off the bike to grow the foundations for success away from sport

– Michael Drapac. Founder and Owner of Drapac Cycling.

Drapac Holistic Development Team

More than a Cycling Team

Drapac Cycling is a platform for exceptional individuals to pursue sporting, academic and life goals.

We place importance on both athletic achievement and personal development. We ensure that our athletes’ sporting endeavours do not come at the cost of their potential for broader success. Our mission is to demonstrate what sport and society stand to benefit from the sporting citizens that are produced by holistic development.

Our Partners

With the support of its partners, we at Drapac Cycling will continue to grow our philosophy on athletes and redefining the foundations of success. The team would like to acknowledge the incredible support of our 2019 partners


The Drapac Cycling scholarship was conceived to provide the opportunity for exceptional cyclists to progress as candidates for the World Tour, while excelling in their chosen field of study.

Scholarships awarded to our athletes offer a well-rounded cycling race schedule as well as fully integrating and supporting their studies with a view to teaching lifelong skills and knowledge in their future career.

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