Farewell to Drapac Cycling


A message from Drapac Cycling team owner, Michael Drapac:

To friends, supporters and fellow cyclists.

I am sending this message from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you all for joining us today in Drapac Cycling’s last ever race.

I wish I was there with you to celebrate the end of this chapter of my life. Of course, I’m greatly saddened to be closing the door, but for a number of reasons, it was time to move on.

My love for the bike will live on as Drapac will continue to be involved through what will be known as the Damion Drapac Foundation, which will address key concepts close to my son Damion’s heart; cycling, medicine, and holistic development.

It is fitting that our last race coincides with St. Kilda’s last race as this is where I mostly remember Damion’s numerous A-Grade wins of his life.

There are so many people that the team and I would like to thank but to start:

To my cycling children: Alexandra, Damion, Patrick, and Giulian – for sharing my passion for cycling with me.

To the athletes who have committed to our holistic development program throughout the years – thank you for joining me on this journey of athlete wellbeing and supporting my continuous aspirations to broaden the often narrow metrics of what success really means.

To Alan Grindal – for introducing me and my children into cycling at the Brunswick Cycling Clinic.

To Michael Winkler – for being the first official sponsor of Drapac Cycling with Porsche.

To Agostino Giramondo – for 15 years of service, humour, and dedication.

To Jonathan Breekveldt – for managing the team all the way up to the World Tour with outstanding loyalty and integrity.

To Jason Nichols – for your support with the boys for the whole duration of the team.

To Dr. Peter Fuller – for being an outstanding physician to the team.

To Matt Keenan – for all of the guidance you have provided throughout the years.

And lastly the current steerer of the ship, Vasanta Iyer, for supporting and encouraging the boys as only a loving mother could.

I would also like to mention Mike McKay, Stu Shaw, Tom Southam and Gearoid Towey for everything that you have done for the team.

To anyone who has supported our team and our unique and holistic way of supporting elite athletes, I give my deepest and most heartfelt thanks to all of you.