Sascha Bondarenko
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  26/11/1993
Speciality:  Climber
Height:  172cm
Weight:  63kg

Bachelor of Exercise Science / Bachelor of Business Administration.

Australian Catholic University.


Hometown: Melbourne 

Studying: Bachelor of Exercise Science/Bachelor of Business Administration

2018 cycling goal: Enjoy racing with my new team and gain cycling experience in Europe.

2018 goal off the bike: Continue with my studies throughout the year.

Other interests: I like playing the piano in my spare time.

Career Highlights: My first NRS stage win at the 2017 Tour of Gippsland.

Interesting fact: When I was 12 I rode from Melbourne to Adelaide as the youngest rider ever of the Rotary Ride for Research.

Favourite musician: Tim Minchin.

Favourite movie: Django Unchained.

If I wasn't a cyclist I would be: working in business in some capacity.

Patrick Burt
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  26/05/1996
Height:  183cm
Weight:  76kg

Bachelor of Engineering - Monash University.


Hometown: Melbourne

Why cycling?: I got into triathlon through my school program but I wasn't much of a runner so I swapped to cycling.

Favourite place to ride: Bright

Career highlight: Stage 3 win at the VRS Tour of the South West.

2018 goals in cycling: To gain experience and hold my own in international races.

2018 goals off the bike: To better organise myself and balance my different commitments.

Other interests: Remote control cars, brunch, surf lifesaving.

Interesting fact: I have a black belt in karate.

Favourite song while riding: Read My Mind - The Killers

Favourite movie: Hot Rod

If I wasn't a cyclist I would be a: Lifeguard.

Jesse Featonby
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  8/12/1987
Speciality:  Climber
Height:  176cm
Weight:  64kg

Master of Teaching - LaTrobe University.


Hometown : Albury, NSW, Australia.

Studying: Masters of Teaching at Latrobe University.

Me in three words: Determined, diligent, perfectionist.

Favourite cycling memory:  3rd in the Oceania Road Championships in 2017 and 4th on GC at the 2017 Tour of Iran.

2018 goals in cycling:  Continue to develop as a cyclist and compete in UCI events.

2018 goals off the bike:  To complete my masters and become a confident and competent teacher.

Other interests: Spending time with my partner and family.

Interesting fact: I completed an Everest challenge, raising $16,000 for the Movember Foundation.

Favourite artist: DJ James Pane.

Favourite movie: Project X

If I wasn't a cyclist I would be an: Exercise Physiologist.

Tom Kaesler
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  1/3/1995
Speciality:  Time-Trials
Height:  189cm
Weight:  72kg

Bachelor of Commerce - University of Adelaide.


Hometown: Adelaide, Australia

Studying: Bachelor of Commerce at University of Adelaide

Why cycling?: I wanna go fast.

Favourite cycling memory:  Racing in the World Championships in Florence

Career Highlights: U19 National and Oceania TT Champion in 2013

2018 goals in cycling : An NRS stage win.

2018 goals off the bike: Get my motorbike license

Other interest: Gardening, dogs.

Interesting fact: I have a cool dog named Toby.

Favourite song while riding: Inspector Norse - Todd Terje

Favourite Movie: Grand Budapest Hotel.

If I wasn't a cyclist I would be a: Gardener.

Oliver Kent-Spark
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  24/12/1994
Height:  185cm
Weight:  76kg

Bachelor of Management (Human Resources) - Deakin University.


Hometown: Geelong

Why cycling? I like the freedom that riding a bike gives you.

Favourite cycling memory: Racing in Europe in 2016, and being part of the growth of the 2017 Drapac Pat's Veg riders.

2018 goals in cycling: To be part of a team that progresses and shares in each others success.

2018 goals off the bike: Graduate University and be a great father to my two rabbits and my cat.

Other interests: Reading, puzzles, animals, wine, and food.

Interesting fact: I hold full conversations with my cat.

Favourite song while riding: Hold Me - Kilter. Feat. Youth

Favourite movie: The Departed.

If I wasn't a cyclist I would be a: full-time student.

Liam Magennis
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  14/03/1997
Speciality:  Time-Trials
Height:  182cm
Weight:  75kg

Bachelor of Applied Science in National Parks and Heritage - Charles Sturt University


Hometown: Port Macquarie, NSW

Favourite Place to ride: Comboyne, NSW

Why Cycling?: I like the competitiveness of it and the travel.

2018 cycling goal: I want to experience racing in Europe.

2018 off the bike goal: I want to successfully finish another year of University

Other interests: Camping, surfing and fishing

Cycling highlights: 1st Oceania Time Trial Championships (2017), 1st Bayview Classic Tour of America's Dairyland, 2nd Giro Burnaby BC Superweek.

Interesting fact: I don't like wearing shoes

Favourite song: Mustang - Skeggs

Favourite Movie: Big Wednesday

If I wasn't a cyclist I would be: An environmentalist.

Cyrus Monk
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  7/11/1996
Height:  174cmcm
Weight:  67kgkg

Bachelor of Science - Melbourne University.


Hometown : Drouin, Australia.

Studying: Bachelor of Science, Melbourne University.

Why cycling? I wasn't good enough at footy or cricket.

Favourite place to ride: Drouin

Career highlight: Being the stagiaire for Cannondale-Drapac in 2017 and the VRS winner in 2017.

2018 goals in cycling: Win a UCI race.

2018 goals off the bike: Averaging a high distinction average for my final semester.

Other interests: Cracking open cold ones with the boys.

Interesting fact: I give tutoring and music lessons on the side (inquire within).

Favourite song while riding: Horses - Darryl Braithwaite

Favourite Movie: Shane Warne's 10 greatest deliveries of all time.

If I wasn't a cyclist, I would be: A professional gambler.

James Pane
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  14/2/1996
Height:  174cm
Weight:  69kg

Bachelor of Education - Victoria University.


Hometown : Melbourne, Australia.

Studying: Bachelor of Education at Victoria University.

Me in three words : Sarcastic, Humourous, Loveable.

Why cycling? Mum didn't want me to play footy and she thought cycling would be safer.

Favourite cycling memory :  Representing Victoria at the U17 Nationals in 2012.

Career Highlights:  Winning the Northern Suburbs 3-day tour -2015, 6th National Mountain Climb Championships -2014

2018 goals in cycling :  Be competitive at the top end of NRS racing.

2018 goals off the bike :  To complete my degree and get good grades.

Other interests : Making dance music.

Interesting fact : I am a DJ.

Favourite song while riding: Horses - Darryl Braithwaite.

Alexander Smyth
Nationality:  Maltese
DOB:  10/12/1988
Speciality:  Sprinter
Height:  170cm
Weight:  63kg

Bachelor of Business/Science - RMIT


Hometown: Valletta, Malta.

Why cycling?: I enjoy the long k's on the bike with just my own thoughts to entertain me.

Favourite place to ride: Anywhere hilly.

Career highlight: The best is yet to come.

2018 goals in cycling: To represent Malta at the Commonwealth Games and to win the NRS.

2018 goals off the bike: To successfully complete year one of my Business/Science degree with an HD average.

Other interests: Robots, sushi, and break-dancing.

Interesting fact: The medical term for ice cream headaches is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

Favourite song while riding: Love on Top - Beyonce.

Favourite movie: Sleepless in Seattle

If I wasn't a cyclist I would be a: Molecular Biologist.

James Whelan
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  11/07/1996
Speciality:  Climber
Height:  186cm
Weight:  64kg

Bachelor of Urban & Regional Planning -



Hometown: Melbourne

Favourite Place to ride: The Dandenongs

Why Cycling?: I like the challenges associated with the sport and the places it takes me.

2018 cycling goal: Win a stage in a UCI race and win the teams classification in the NRS.

2018 off the bike goal: Excel in my studies and complete my bachelors degree.

Other interests: Athletics and coffee

Cycling highlights: 2nd in the U23 Road Nationals.

Interesting fact: I'm a former distance runner.

Favourite song: Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

Favourite Movie: WALL-E

If I wasn't a cyclist I would be: A Student Urban Planner.

Liam White
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  9/11/1994
Height:  175cm
Weight:  70kg

Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science - Federation University.


Hometown : Ballarat, Australia.

Studying: Bachelor of Sports Science, Federation University.

Why cycling? I love being able to spend a majority of my time out in the fresh air.

Favourite place to ride: Boulder, Colorado.

Favourite cycling memory : NRS stage win at the Tour of the Great South Coast in 2017.

2018 goals in cycling :  Complete and consolidate more results at a UCI level.

2018 goals off the bike : To continue my University degree and continue to receive good grades.

Other interests : Watching the Geelong Cats and hanging out with my friends.

Interesting fact : I live on a farm.

I am currently listening to: The Jungle Giants

If I wasn't a cyclist, I would be: A Physiotherapist

Theodore Yates
Nationality:  Australian
DOB:  28/02/1995
Speciality:  Sprinter
Height:  179cm
Weight:  68kg

Bachelor of Applied Science (Interior Architecture) - Curtin University.


Hometown: Perth, Australia

Studying: Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Architecture - Curtin University.

Why cycling?: My rap career fell through.

Favourite cycling memory:  Old Papas Boxing Day Ride win 2014

2018 goals in cycling:  To build on the momentum of a successful 2017, and to drop some hammers with my boys.

2018 goals off the bike:  To complete a full year of University and to maintain close relationships with my friends and family. I want to also collect more vinyl.

Other interests: Photography, music, architecture.

Interesting fact: Five of my relatives have played for the Maori All-Blacks.

Favourite song while riding: DOOM (Viktor Vaughn) - Let me watch Feat. Apani B

Favourite movie: 2001 A Space Odyssey, and Moonrise Kingdom.

If I wasn't a cyclist I would be a: Soundcloud DJ.