Nick Katsonis scores marketing role with digital media agency VTWO

Drapac EF p/b Cannondale is proud to announce that former Drapac Cycling rider Nicholas Katsonis has taken a part-time role with digital media agency VTWO.

Nick will be working closely with VTWO’s account management and design team, devising strategic brand ideas and will also be part of their content development process.

Nick rode with Drapac Cycling in 2017, finishing up at the end of last year to focus on his degree and to pursue other opportunities in the business world. He was put in touch with the VTWO team through Drapac Cycling’s holistic development program; which focuses on assisting its riders outside of cycling.

Drapac EF caught up with Nick this week to get some insight into his new role with VTWO.

Tell me a bit about your cycling career: 

My cycling career started around 10 years ago as a junior racing for the Brunswick Cycling Club. I started taking it seriously when I began my first National Road Series season in 2013 and from there it progressed. I’ve been extremely fortunate over the course of my cycling career to have been able to travel the world, meet some amazing people and create long-lasting memories.

Why did you decide to study marketing?

I decided to study marketing because it appealed to a lot of interests I had outside of cycling. It has so many different avenues that can be applied to the real world. It allows me to explore my creative side whilst also being methodical and calculated.

How did you get in touch with VTWO?

I saw an opportunity to be able to gain some experience working with VTWO on Drapac related work. One thing led to another and I began working on other things and was then offered the opportunity to start something a little more permanent. I’m fortunate to have been given this opportunity with VTWO through Drapac Cycling. It’s making the next chapter in my career a little less daunting for sure!

What will your role be there/what is your day-to-day like?

My role at VTWO is Community Management. The good thing about working at VTWO is that there is no typical day. I work on a variety of things which includes but isn’t limited to analysing a variety of data and metrics and applying them to brand strategy and content development.

How does it tie in with your degree?

My marketing degree is more so directed towards traditional marketing theories and techniques which are still very applicable to the digital side that VTWO mostly concentrates on. A benefit to that is that I’m able to learn a lot from both sides and translate it to and from, which will make my transition into full-time work a lot easier when I graduate in 2019.

What are your other interests?

Obviously, sport is a big one. Aside from cycling, I’m a big follower of anything to do with the NBA. My other interests are traveling and photography.


For any more information on Nick and his new role please visit: https://www.vtwo.com.au/work/2018/4/11/welcome-to-the-vtwo-crew-nick-katsonis