Since 2004 Drapac has been on a journey holistic athlete development to encompass broader metrics of success.

When the team graduated to the UCI professional continental level a decade later, it was in founding Pat’s Veg Cycling that Michael Drapac, together with his sons and supporters, continued the legacy of holistic development. Now the program continues its growth into 2018 as a UCI continental team in partnership with EF Education First–Drapac Pro Cycling.

Athletes are worth more than the medal around their neck. Each position on our team is awarded as a scholarship for holistic development. We select athletes who display a natural orientation toward integrating cycling and meaningful pursuits outside the sport. Athletes who are accepted must show the ability and attitude for success at the highest level of cycling and also be engaged in a tertiary undergraduate or higher degree, or a recognised industry apprenticeship throughout their scholarship.

The foundations for real success are more than watts per kilo. Our scholarships are a platform for athletes to progress as candidates for the WorldTour and while also achieving excellence in higher education or apprenticeship.

Holistic development is a unique opportunity for the sporting world. The formative years of every athlete’s career coincide not only with a mentally and physically formative time, but also one of unlimited opportunity for educational, cultural and social possibilities. We must ensure athletes’ sporting endeavours do not come at the cost of their potential for broader success. Our mission is to demonstrate what sport and society stand to benefit from the sporting citizens that are produced by holistic development.