Drapac to concentrate on development team from 2019

Michael Drapac’s holistic development team to work closely with EF Pro Cycling organization

At the conclusion, of the 2018 season, Michael Drapac will concentrate his sponsorship and sporting efforts on his Australian-based holistic development team.

Drapac Capital Partners came on board as a title sponsor and part owner of the Slipstream World Tour team in 2016, just prior to the Tour de France and has been an important partner since. In tandem with his World Tour involvement, Drapac has developed a strong, unique development program that places equal priority on sport and education — a sustainable way of working with budding athletes. In order to be on the development team, riders must also be enrolled in a university or a recognised educational facility. The development team then works with the riders to create schedules that work for both school and sport.

“I’m proud that my philosophy on athlete development has had a positive influence on EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale, and that the team will continue to support the wellbeing program in the future,” Drapac said. “It is my hope that in five years’ time all WorldTour athletes would have the opportunity be exposed to holistic development in some way throughout their career.”

The EF Pro Cycling organization has already tapped some of the talent from the Drapac development program, in signing James Whelan to a three-year deal after the young Aussie won the U-23 Flanders race in 2018, and Australian U-23 Champion Cyrus Monk has ridden as a stagiaire on for the past two seasons. It’s a trend the team will look to continue.

“Working with Michael and the rest of the Drapac team has been a great experience. I very much admire the Drapac approach in the development of young athletes, allowing them to focus on sport and competition while still making space for academic and intellectual development. I’m excited to have James on the team next season, and I’m confident we’ll work together in the seasons to come to bring young riders into the World Tour the right way,” EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale CEO Jonathan Vaughters said. “And our entire organisation thanks the Drapac group for their sponsorship and belief in our approach as well.”

Michael Drapac is excited to continue his philosophy on athlete wellbeing with EF through the development team. “James Whelan is hopefully the first of many talented Australian riders to be guided into the World Tour through the development team pathway,” Drapac noted.

For any enquiries, please contact Drapac Cycling at info@drapaccycling.com

2 Responses to “Drapac to concentrate on development team from 2019”

  1. Graeme Lavelle

    So glad Michael continues with his support of young sports men and women to achieve success on the “field” in conjunction with their education and personal development. If there were more Michael Drapac’s there would be less lost sportspeople who have nothing after their sports career comes to an end.

  2. Phil Hopkins

    Keep an eye on Dylan Hopkins, currently riding With Phoenix in the NRS and possibly the youngest rider in the peloton having just turned 17. Dylan is completing his NSW Higher School Certificate through the Vocationally talented provision in Distance Education in NSW. This means Dylan manages his learning remotely, utilising Moodle, and visits , when he can to his teachers at his local Distance education provider, Karabar Distance Education Centre. I am Dylan’s dad but also Head Teacher English at Karabar. Next year we move to a new purpose built school in Queanbeyan, to be called the Finigan Shool of Distance Education. It is a “state of the art” learning facility. Dylan has certainly been able to start to achieve his ambitions in cycling as well as continue his studies through this provision. While Dylan is young I would encourage you to watch out for him, and of course, continue the conversation with us, as we both share the same vision for learning and ambition in sport.

    Phil Hopkins

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