Tom Kaesler

Nationality. Australian
Date of Birth. 1/3/1995
Specialty. Time-Trials
Height. 189cm
Weight. 72kg

Bachelor of Commerce - University of Adelaide.


Hometown: Adelaide.

Studying: Bachelor of Commerce. University of Adelaide.

Nickname: TK.

Why Cycling: I wanna go fast.

Favourite cycling memory: 13th U19 World TT Championships.

2019 cycling goal: Win an NRS stage.

2019 off the bike goal: Get my motorbike license.

Me in three words: Dogs. Gardening. Chippies.

My dream race: Tour de France.

What makes me unique: I was a child jazz prodigy.

I am inspired by: James Pane.

Favourite place to ride: Adelaide Hills.

Favourite song: Blue Monday – New Order.

Favourite movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel.

If I wasn’t a cyclist I would be: A Gardener.